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Insurance Coverage

Insurance is what solves clients’ problems

Any lawyer can file or defend a lawsuit. The key is finding the money to solve the problem.

When our client is a plaintiff, we have the know-how to find and trigger the defendant’s insurance, making sure our client’s victory isn’t a pyrrhic one. After all, a win against a defendant with no means to pay is no better than a loss.

When our client is a defendant, we use our knowledge of insurance to get the client an insurer-funded defense lawyer. Any firm can take the client’s money and defend the case itself. The real value is in knowing enough about coverage to get the client’s insurer to defend—and then resolve—the case.

Some examples of the kind of insurance coverage matters we handle:

  • Business owners who aren’t being defended by their liability insurer
  • Developers, owners, and contractors (or their lawyers) who need advice on how to get a defendant’s liability insurance to pay
  • Apartment owners seeking property insurance coverage
  • Business owners seeking coverage under their CGL, director’s & officers, malpractice, or other liability insurance
  • Condominium associations pursuing insurance coverage for water-related damage
  • Policyholders suing their insurance company for bad faith in not defending, settling, or paying to resolve a lawsuit

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Harper | Hayes PLLC is a business litigation law firm, focusing on insurance coverage and construction defect disputes.

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